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It covers your personal belongings and possessions in your house. This cover includes the contents of your house and outbuildings (such as furniture, clothing, electronic equipment & appliances, cell-phone, and much more), your buildings and outbuildings, vehicles, trailers and caravans, pleasure boats, watercraft and jet ski, personal injuries, and a stand-alone option for pet insurance. Being secure in what you ensure and ensuring fair value is attached to your possessions is a key function of @121 Insurance Brokers. +264 81 253 3175


The commercial, or business insurance needs and requirements, will be different for each business owner. Insuring your business against a host of vulnerabilities outside of your control, will give you peace of mind and protect your business. Most commercial or business insurance policies offer similar cover options and you need to understand and tailor these to meet your particular needs. There are many risks that could determine your success, like damages, loss and theft to your stock and offices, as well as the constant threat of litigation. You don’t have to be vulnerable to these threats – that’s why you need business insurance and @121 Insurance Brokers is available and equipped to guide you.


Farming has changed over time – so have the risks. In many cases, crop farming has become an equipment-intensive business. With the pressure on for greater output and efficiency, today’s farmers’ machinery and equipment work harder and longer, increasing the risk for breakdown. In addition, modern farms are using precision farming techniques with sophisticated systems, that are sensitive and prone to breakdown – resulting in losses, damages, spoiled products, expenses and lost farm income. Insurance can be tailored to cover your need specific.
Farm animals, cattle and other livestock face mortality risks caused by accidents, sickness and disease. There are insurance products that apply to most animals, livestock and poultry, and specialty insurance products for specific groups of farm animals, such as cattle, sheep, goats, pigs, and chickens – or a combination of these on your farm. Livestock Insurance products are normally designed around the specific needs of the farmer’s herds and stud animals.


Regardless of whether you are travelling for business or leisure, abroad or locally, you may require cover for unforeseen costs or events. Especially if travelling in countries where the Nam-dollar exchange rate is not favourable, or travelling where emergency medical repatriation may be required, Travel Insurance will make your trip worry free.


Fleet Insurance is an important and effective part of managing the commercial fleet of a business and also assesses the risk of the entire fleet. In the insurance industry, anything related to vehicles pose many challenges. This is mainly due to the following:

  • The cost of parts – most of which must be imported;
  • Cost of reinsurance being bought by a weak Nam-dollar;
  • Road conditions.

When it comes to vehicle fleets, all of the above impacts – and this in return, affects the premiums on commercial fleet insurance. Some insurers set target criteria of a minimum amount of vehicles to qualify as a commercial fleet. @ 1 2 1 Insurance Brokers may also look at a tailor made solution from small delivery vehicles, car hire companies and allowance schemes for businesses.


This specialist form of insurance, is normally sourced through the appointed Trustees of a Body Corporate, or Sectional Title units. Body Corporate Insurance must be regularly assessed by the Trustees. One of the most important items on the list of Sectional Title Trustee duties, is to ensure that all the buildings and improvements within their sectional title scheme is insured to the right value – this is something that should be discussed at every Annual General Meeting. Body Corporate Insurance provides peace of mind cover for the buildings, common property, walls (boundary), gate motors, entrances and security. Everything that forms part of the buildings (eg fitted cupboards, walls, and other permanent fixtures and fittings), will be covered by a Body Corporate Insurance policy, also known as Sectional Title Insurance. Owners of sectional title units are sometimes under the mistaken impression that the Body Corporate Insurance policy also covers movables such as furniture and curtains as well. However, this is not the case.  @ 1 2 1 Insurance Brokers can guide Body Corporates to ensure that asset are correctly grouped and adequately insured.

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