The hot topic for today is Geyser and Solar Geysers

Let us look at the type of geysers:

  • Electrical (Conventional geyser)
  • Solar Geyser complete with system & panels
  • Electrical geyser with solar panels


Electrical / Solar Geyser

Bursting only

Add Maintenance Cover:

@ an additional premium

  • Select Top cover @ N$1’000 / N$2’000 / N$5’000 / N$10’000
  • to insure wear & tear like element and valve which is normally excluded

Accidental cover

@ an additional premium

To insure the solar generating system (Pump, Wise Kit, Strainer, air release valve, Thermal mixing valve and panels) against loss or damage

@Claim Stage


All geysers are facilitated by the Insurer

An appropriate service provider will be appointed by the Insurer
The advantages of allowing the Insurer to deal with the service provider is to ensure quality service:
• A qualified plumber is appointed
• Installations are done according to the required standard
• Warrantee claims are upheld by manufacturers


The client uses his/her own plumber

  • A detailed invoice including the serial numbers of the replacement geyser and the newly installed geyser is needed
  • Photos of the burst geyser and damage report is needed
  • Photo of the geyser warranty is needed